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Please use our web address for all information about Cheddar Vale Lions Club  

Collection boxes have been renewed at doctors' surgeries throughout the area into which you may donate your unwanted spectacles and hearing aids.  These are sent off for use in third world countries which, along with our support of Sight First, has enabled thousands of people to see again.

Also at doctors' surgeries you can find our "Message in a Bottle". If you have someone in the family who has a medical condition you need one of these. Should an ambulance crew have need to attend your home and no one is able to inform them of a pre exisisting problem they can find out quickly by going to your fridge where they will find everything they need to know in the bottle stored there.  It has saved lives. Please take one, fill in the details on the forms inside and place one of the green cross stickers where it can be seen on entering the house. Again they are free.


The Officers and members of the club recognise that a positive approach to health and safety is a fundamental part of effective and efficient management. The Officers of the club are therefore committed to their responsibiliteis to assess and manage the risks to members of the club, families, volunteer helpers, visitors and members of the general public who attend events arranged by Cheddar Vale Lions Club.

A health and safety officer will be appointed each year.  The health and safety officer will be responsible for preparing risk assessments to the district safety officer.  He will also be responsible for maintaining a record of any accidents or near misses that occur at lionistic functions and for reporting such to the relevant authorities.

Every lion has a duty to look after themselves and others who may be affected by their actions. When carrying out their activities they should cooperate with their fellow Lions to provide the necessary standards of health and safety. Any shortfalls or defects in any equipment or processes should be brought to the attention of the safety officer or the club President as a matter of urgency.